I wished, it happened ❤

imagesThere’s this one thing, 

The beauty of that something, 

We longed for and that, 

To happen suddenly a day. 

It was never planned, 

But it was a wish, 

That came out as a surprise. 

Wishes do come true, 

So do I believe now. 

But some of these beautiful ones, 

Casting long-term memories. 

How long have I been wishing, 

You wouldn’t even know. 

And just at the right moment

I got what I wished. 

Maybe I was in the, 

Right place at right time. 

Rather than being in the, 

Wrong place in wrong time. 

And I looked around, 

I wasn’t dreaming at all. 

This is all so real and, 

This day is mine to seize. 




My e-love

imagesI love you,

Don’t you believe me ?

I know it ain’t easy,

For two strangers to be in love.

It was just a mistake,

And a request was sent .

Who knew that we were gonna talk.

You accepted and a text popped up.

I was hesitant and deep in thought,

Should I text him back ??

How will I explain myself ??

Thoughts blocked my brain.

I typed a ‘hey’ and hit send.

Nothing happened on the screen,

That might be the end of that , I guessed.

A notification tone woke me,

And it was you.

I can’t remember ,

How I had these grave feelings for you.

You and I are exact opposites ,

I like you and,

I know you do too.

From an offline to an online profile,

Two strangers met by accident,

Or was it fate?

I was fumbling around to confess,

My feelings for you .

And just as I was about to do so,

I saw a text ,

” I know what you’re thinking,

Don’t say anything,

I love you too “

My heart skipped a beat ,

I was breathless.

And there were two screenshots,

Attached with the message.

I was his LOVE now,

That’s his contact for me.

What did I do to deserve you ?

He’s my soul mate, my better half,

And my LOVE too .

And now we’re counting days,

Waiting to meet each other,

Ready and already traveling,

From two corners of Earth.




Its all Imagination 😊


I see trees afar,

In a far distant land .

Unnamed , unexplored .

Far from where I lay inert ,

In eager waiting for my arrival.

Imagination worked well this time,

As now I wanted there myself.

Apart from the so-called world ,

In which I may not fit .

Hiding from these pretence mortals,

To whom I don’t even exist.

We have acquainted for a while now,

You delicately healing my invisible wounds.

Suddenly all these voices sermoned,

And I’m being dragged back .

There isn’t a path to take ,

To take me back to my world.

And hell I’m nowhere now .



From Heaven I Speak.😊

See, this is what I got .

I didn’t deserve this.

You have seen what I’ve done.

Yet you all were silent back then .

Stop what you are doing ??

It’s of no use to me now .

Is there a need to lament now ?

Stop mumbling over my body ,

You never admired me.

But be gentle with my coffin .

For I wish to lay in peace .

Do tell others out there ,

I did my best .

All my hopes and dreams ,

Within my reach .

Yet nothing’s with me now .

Not that I would’ve achieved,

It’s that I sacrificed.

I left scars on me , so

One day someone could hope better.

My soul has reached heaven ,

But I long to be here.

For beyond I want to see ,

The children of tomorrow germinate.




I hear my uncle , Mr. Rooster with his usual crowing in the next room . And here comes my master to let him out and feed all of us . He starts from a side , opening all the doors except ours . We are always locked up and I wondered why ? Apart from the thing that we are small , aren’t we all chickens ?? Can’t we see what’s outside ??

It’s December and foggy and I’m so cold . Most probably will freeze to death if I don’t warm myself soon . Looking around I see a small fire and I wished I was there . I have seen master’s daughter warming herself near those fires on cold days . And suddenly there came an urge in me to go out to the world forbidden for us . I have tried all means of escape but had failed multiple times , but this time I would make sure that I get out of this net-fitted large prison like cages . it was time I got out of here to see the world waiting out there .

Just as master opened our cage , I jumped with all my strength . I saw my death before me as I was sure I won’t survive a fall from that high . Remembering all those lessons mum had taught us, I crash landed safely at last . I saw many of my elder brothers and sisters pecking something from the ground where I stood . Wondered what they were doing , for I have only seen food being fed in red and white huge containers . It may be from the fall that I found it a bit difficult for me to walk . Soon I was alright and decided to explore the new world . 

I really liked the world I was in . I could go wherever I wished to go , could eat whatever I want , whenever I want , I was free at last . I roamed around the place all day. I was so tired ,and it was getting dark and I remembered mum has always told us to get back to our cages before night falls. Unknowingly I got into a cage of elders to see their baffled faces aiming me . 

One of them said, ” Who are you kid ? You don’t belong here. How come you are alone at this age” ?

As I have seen these elders before while looking out of my cage , I replied ,” I have seen you before . You live with uncle Rooster right “? And in unison they sang ,” yes we do kid”.

I continued,” I live in the cage just above you ,that’s how I know each of you . I outsmarted master today and now I am here”.

“AAHA . That was indeed a courageous thing to do . But see kid , here in the farm , freedom is limited to us”. This time it was a beautiful mother hen who spoke.

“NO . I saw what’s freedom today .Humans are good . In fact master and his family had been good to me today. They threw me grains whenever they saw me. I really liked it and it will be the same tomorrow also”. I protested .

“No it won’t be that way kid . Wait until the humans including our Master take off their masks . They are not like what we think of them . We are just toys they play with to get some money . That’s the way it is”, she said .

Before I could say anything I saw them cackling as if some danger was on the way , I saw fingers wrapping around me and found myself moving involuntarily from the cage . Soon I saw it was my Master holding me and put me back to my old cage . And he said ,”That’s where you belong , lil chick . Enjoyed your day ??”. With that he went away leaving me with my silly siblings who were waiting to hear my day’s tale. And that’s how a little chick was back in his cage with a story and soon he started narrating with a bit of exaggeration .( Exaggeration’s never a crime )


Tribute to a soldier 💂

images (2)

Unaware of the day that might be his last,

There sits a soldier on the verge of his death .

He has everyone , yet he is not with everyone.

No one’s to give him value,

Nor anyone to grieve on his death.

From the rich to the poor ,

From the young to the old .

All those who believe in God say 

” God gave us life “

But why not regarding our poor soldiers.

They too are ordinary people ,

People born with objectives 

And sacrificing themselves to fulfill it.

He marches through the hot sands ,

His eyes alert and guns ready .

Each step that he takes ,

He thinks of his loved ones he left far away ,

Thinks of mom and dad and his beloved.

He keeps up the pace , unable to hide his tears .

The smile on his lips are forced and compelled .

Don’t think him a lesser man .

For as a boy who became a soldier ,

The fields were real death .

Forced to kill those ugly men ,

Losing the souls to the guns .

For once he saw bullets aiming him .

He knelt with tearful eyes ,

Not realising how long this moment lasts .

He closed his eyes thinking his loved ones .

With one last salute as a soldier ,

Flew to heaven for a peaceful sleep .


Someone I wish to meet 😉

You were a friend ,
I never thought I would meet.
And yet , behind a stranger’s face
You welcomed me to your world,
A world of unexpected friendship.
An urge in me sometimes wants to talk to you .
And then I think ,
Are you just a friend ?
Or more than a friend ?
And you place yourself between ,
Where the weigh can’t itself balance.
Of all the promises that we have made ,
Just small ones to gift chocolates each other .
God knows how many we’ll keep 😜
All those times u made me smile, even laugh .
I asked myself , Do I deserve this ?
All these things and here’s the craziest part .
We have never met in person 😂


Back to those times ❤


As another academic year passes by ,my mind flies back to a time when I too was a student having my last days of schooling , collecting moments to be treasured . Those last days , records submitting , projects , combine studies , exams and not to forget our farewell ❤ that gave us such beautiful memories 😍
Thanks to all those crazy people who have gifted me a lot to memorize 😘
It’s hard to even think that a year has gone since I have completed my schooling .
It’s funny yet sad to see time flying so fast . There were times when we wished just to finish our schools to get into colleges, now all we wish is to turn the clock back to the time when we were all sitting in classes enjoying our school days …
With some photographs as hands of clock let us reverse our mind to picture ourselves enjoying those moments again 😉❤

Bestie ….


It’s funny to see ,

You’re my best friend . 

I’ve known you for ages .

Some days no calls or messages , 

But still I see ,

You care for me .

Those irritable words ,

Those sweet names .

And how I hate some days ,

A friend that’s always there .

You are mine , I’m thine .

And I’m not gonna trade you for someone .

Two as one , one to define .

And that’s us ,







With whom did I speak ?

I never knew .

With whom did I share ?

I don’t even remember .

In this world of illusions ,

I a wanderer ,

Looked out for someone to be mine .

To care , to share .

To talk , to laugh.


With whom can I dream ?

Have I ever dreamed .

With whom can I be in love ?

Never been in love before .

Indeed a tough time ,

To have someone .

Times changed , people changed .

Life changed , priorities changed .

Yet I’m still me .


With whom do I live ?

Nobody answered me .

With whom do I grow old ?

It was silence who answered me now .

I don’t need answers ,

But for one I wait .

Here I ask to those ,

With no commitments .






Who am I …

I myself is the reason for who I am today … I won’t say that I wasn’t inspired by anyone ……of course there are a lot of inspirational characters in my life including my parents ….. But what changed me are my thoughts and decisions …. I was introduced to the world of forgiving by my father and my mother taught me to behave with everyone and they are my best teachers …. We all should realize that what we are outside of our body is based on what we think inside our minds ….

We are the key to unlock ourselves …



Silence ….


A quiet room ,

A large window .

Sun rays touched me ,

Through those glass panes .

I sat there looking out .

Why was the world so silent ???

Had I done any wrong .

I so need to talk ,

Talk out my feelings .

And yet I am all alone ,

In this quite room .

But I talked and talked ,

For I got someone ,

Someone to hear me out .

I talked to it ,

It stayed quite .

I asked what its name was .

It murmured .

Silence…. Silence…. Silence






Was she right …. Or was she wrong ….

Whole world stared at her….

For a single decision….was she to be judged ….

Not a single shoulder for support ,

All she had was a man ….

A man of her life ,

Who whispered her name to her ears for the first time ….

Proudly she took a decision ….

And her life was altered ….

In a different way than she thought ….

And she was the first in her family ….

To live independently ….

To live happily 😉



Promises …


 You promised me .

To be a part of my up’s and down’s .

To be my smile , 

When I am louring .

To be my voice , 

When I can’t talk .

To lend you shoulders , 

When I needed to cry .

To be my strength , 

When I am weak .

To hold me ,

Whenever I needed someone .

You gave me expectations , 

As you made promises .

You promised to keep your promises .

Why was it hard for you to keep your promises  …
When you asked why was it hard to trust people .

I couldn’t promise you , 

The sky , the moon or the world .

But I promised you ,

To always be true to you .

I was just another mere promise ,

You failed to keep .

The promises were everything .

Once broken , sorry meant nothing to me .



Daddy’s Girl ….


Being the eldest in my family , I was always a daddy’s girl and loved my father with all my heart . He was a giver of gifts , dreams , inspiration , granter of wishes and a knight in a shining armor of characters . 

I may have outgrown his laps , but will never outgrow his heart . Just being out there with him was far more than enough for me to be relieved from my stressful mood . No matter how old I may be , I could still see my mother with a scowled face whenever I change sides to be on the side of my father , during small fights between them as I was made the judge to give them justice , and my brother’s endless complaining  on how dad’s more affectionate to me . I guess I’m very lucky and blessed to have a loving father like him .

My mother tried to raise a lady in me , but fortunately my dad won . He successfully raised a lady being both soft and strong , a combination only mastered by a few ( including me ).

Although I get a lot of questions and stares on the mention of his name “MOHASIN” . I used to think with a childish thought , Why had God given me a father with such a name which often gave ways to confusions mistaking me as a Muslim in place of a Hindu . But God has gifted me a great person and I will always be my daddy’s little girl and he will always be my ‘HERO’ .


One Last Time …


The morning dew , 

Ran on those green leaves .

As if like a rain .

Cold to touch , cold to feel .

Why did you leave ???

The way you left ,

Took a piece from me . 

Those moments , we shared together …

Can’t even picture it now ,

For I am helpless .

We played , fought , cried .

Little did I know ,

You would leave a day .

One last time ….. was what I needed ,

Through those white hairs ,

You stared at me , 

Leaving me all alone in this world …

( In the loving memories of Dooniii …)



When their eyes met ……..


And that was the first time ,

the moment their eyes met ,

it had begun , they had begun .

A peak through the window ,

The light in her eyes ,

Far more than enough .

Her eyes , made him fall .

He himself , made her fall .

Out of two unlike worlds ,

Where beauty weighed less , 

Minds of same kind met .

They began a new world ,

A world for them , forever .

And their world stood still , 

Each time their eyes met .





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2 years back is when I met her … She was a gift for me on my 16th birthday from my parents …I still remember the prayer I said on the eve of my birthday … I asked God for a wonderful gift for my birthday and he gave me you -“DOONI ” …. It actually took days to find a good rare name for her . 

 I had already decided that I won’t get attached to another pet dog from the day I lost my “PUPPY ” . But she surprised  me a lot . The day we started knowing each other , I knew that she was going to be my best friend . Each day I got her greetings as I return home . Can’t even think of a day without seeing her . No matter how many year we get to have them , it’s still not enough . It’s because of her that I laugh a little harder , cry a little less and smile a little more . Moreover than being just a pet she has become a part of my life . Sometimes I just lay on the floor with her head on my palms resting for the day . But to me that’s the proudest moment before my parents . He is so naughty and always too hungry that my Mom always compares her with me . 

The way we spend our leisure times , people would ask me ” Isn’t it a pet , wouldn’t  you hurt yourself playing with it ” . But I answered them back that it’s not enough that I have a younger brother , I need a younger sister too and God has given me a much prettier sister . She may not be my whole life , but she makes my life whole . To me she is an ‘Angel’  from up above  , an ‘ANGEL’ who chose ‘FUR’  instead of ‘WINGS ‘.


Partners in crime 😜

AHIHI_COLLAGE1501952057248.pngFriends spelled like F R I E N D S ,but to me these crazy people mean more than just being friends in my life . It’s often said that each and every person that we meet has a role to play in our lives . Some will love you 😍 , some will test you , some will use you , some will teach you and there are some who will just leave you . But the true ones are those who brings out the best in us . And they are the rare and the most amazing people who reminds us that friendship’s worth it .

Can any of us find a perfect friend or a perfect living soul around us ??? Well it’s difficult to find one .

The same is with me . I am not a perfect person . I do have a lots of ups and downs . Even makes mistakes often . But still I love these fellows who stays with me even after knowing the real me . And that’s what I like in them 😘.

Friends are important . Everyone needs a good and loyal friend to share bad or good life events , enjoy happy moments and to share unbearable events on one’s life . None of us has a complete , satisfied life if we lack faithful friendships . 

Friendship doesn’t mean friends have to be together . We should remember and care for friends who aren’t near us, as long distance friendships are the strongest ones . Friends are not things. We mustn’t choose them, trade them, lose them… Friends are living beings who must be very close and dear to our hearts, that’s why we should love, appreciate and take care of them .One really strong, noble and long-lasting friendship is worth a hundred of fake and unworthy friends .

Good times and crazy friends makes the best memories . Our dear friends unknowingly gifts us a lot of memories to treasure . Memories play a confusing role. They make you laugh when you remember the time you cried together. But make you cry when you remember the time you laughed together . Unexpected call from them , trips with them , get togethers , silly fights , laughter on stupid jokes , fights for a single chocolate , limited pocket money but a lot of friends to get the treat , so many phone calls on a birthday , increased number of absentees for a small test , celebrations , last day and so the memories goes on to be treasured .

What would be my situation if  I lose these guys . Can’t even imagine . I would go mental for sure . But I don’t wanna loose these fellows ever in my life . Love you guys , won’t even give you a chance to forget me because you can expect me bothering you anytime . 😜



Did I Change ???

changeWhy do you think people change in life ?

Honestly I don’t know how to answer it but I have been in search for the answer for quite a long time . Hoping I will get it sooner or later .

Life doesn’t change but people do . One of the saddest things to see is that certain people are not who they were , the people you once considered best friends are now best strangers . 

Sometimes I distance myself from people wanting to know that if they care for me they’ll somehow notice me and if they don’t then I know where I stand . And it was surprising to see that when I changed my life , life too changed me in return . Those old habits I used to have with me washed off in the process of evolving to the new me .

I am more hopeful ,  confident , cheerful , determined , flexible and more peaceful at the moment . I don’t know whether I would be changing again . I find that I approach things in a rather different way than I used to and has started to design a new plan for my future which too I changed .

Life started to be my teacher and taught me that slow and determined steps will ripe me good results and that before you know it , your life will have changed . I see I am committed to become a better person today than I was yesterday ……with better thoughts, better decisions , better actions

“Yesterday I was clever , so I wanted to change the world . Today I am wise  , so I am changing myself .” 

If others have changed , I too have to change, right ? And honestly I have changed more than I thought I would . And I would like to continue being ” THE CHANGED ME “.


Grandpaa <3

Old is gold so are our grandparents . They have an intimate connection with us , which no one can understand . No one in the world not even our parents could do what our grandparents do for us .

I still remember the weekends I used to spend with my grandfather , sitting in his lap , watching wrestling matches together just to get chances to change the channel to cartoon , working out Sudoku puzzles which i still can’t do without his help .

I like walking with grandpa , his steps are short like mine . He doesn’t say “Now hurry up” . He always takes his time . It’s said that a grandad holds his grandchild’s hand for a while and their heart for a lifetime . 

He had actually become a pat of my life . He woke me up and would get me ready to school . We would eat together so that I would get his share of the day’s special . He used to lecture me always on the importance of mathematics in life as it was his favourite subject  which i think was the reason for his interest in Sudoku puzzles . I miss those times when we worked out the difficult problems from my textbook and the walks to fields that we took everyday . We used to fight on petty things , but always he would leave me to win at the end .

Life doesn’t always give you people you want and sometimes it takes away the people you need the most . Although he is no more with us , his memories keep him alive . He left a deep impression on me . He was my role model . He is still my inspiration , guide and the man of my dreams . 

I miss my grandad  ❤ .


I wanna be young again !!!


I want to be young again

 to catch butterflies in the garden ,

to fly the paper plane high ,

to have little fights over pen or dolls ,

lasting only a moment .

to steer my paper boats in water lanes ,

to laugh and shout through the noon streets , 

to fly my kite high in the sky ,

I wanna feel like a kid again .

Wanna ride my tricycle carelessly , 

knowing papa’s there to catch me as I fall .

wanna cry for nothing 

just to lay on my mama’s lap .

wanna spend the day doing nothing ,

knowing neither grief nor worry .

Hoping on building a happy dream world .

as I know , just can’t do it anymore .

When all the small instances excited me ,

eating tiffin boxes together ,

getting new friends ,

laughing at silly jokes ,

I just wanna live life again ,

to get to those childhood innocence back again ,

to feel happy being a carefree naughty child .

Memories just can’t be taken from me .

Wish I could go back the steps I have climbed

Oh childhood , can you come just once again !




A Lonely Star ……


Looking the sky a day,

I saw her just like me . 

With no one to talk with

and nothing to think of . 

I saw a lonely star

In the vast silence enveloped with darkness of sky,

she twinkled at me tirelessly . 

It occurred to me a day ,

Do we know each other ??

Yet why do feel bonded . 

Once she asked ,” what is happiness ?”

Happiness is her and now with me , I told her.

She opened her book of tales

and told me her lonely world .

Whether she exists or not today , 

she was my best companion . 

Each day I waved her , 

hoping she could see me . 

I sat until dark and slept late , 

for I could see her only at dark . 

Why didn’t I see her in the morning ?

never even bothered me . 

Those times were the jewels of my life .

One fine day, she gleamed more .

Happily we laughed till our stomach’s pained .

For the next day she was gone.

I looked the empty sky with watery eyes ,

knowing I was left alone again .

To the sky I waved my hand ,

and I told her

“Don’t worry your secrets safe with me <3” 



“Life doesn’t always give you a second chance “


I’d rather look back at my life and say ” I can’t believe i did that ” instead of saying “I wish i did that “.

Rewinding time is not possible, sometimes we do get another chance to do something right the second time , that we got wrong in the first place. You have to take every chance in life , because somethings only happen once . The 3 things you can’t recover in not only your , but everyone’s life are , the WORD after its said , the MOMENT after its missed and the TIME after its gone.

Life is about trusting yourself and taking chances , losing and finding happiness, learning from experiences , appreciating memories and realising that every step is worth your while . All you have to do is give yourself a fair chance .

Life is too short to wait . Every new day is another chance to change our life . All great accomplishments starts with the decision to try and to give yourself a fair chance . But there are chances worth taking in our life, which are regretted after taking them . We all have everything we need within us to become the best possible version of ourselves . What’s important is that you got to believe that you can. Believe that you are young enough , old enough , smart enough and strong enough to achieve your goals . 

If you want to live a happy ,fulfilling life tie yourself to goals and not to people and things . Because they never fulfill your dreams . Similarly never put off something that is important to you hoping you still have a tomorrow to start ,you may not have a tomorrow at all . Life is shorter sometimes than it seems to be . Start every day with one little goal and end the day with one little work done . 

Our greatest task isn’t to find love , but to discover ad eliminate all the barriers within ourselves . Peace is not the absence of trouble but the presence of love . And when you find that good exists in others , you can see that love exists within you . Don’t let one bad moment ruin your day . Think of it as a bad minute, not a bad day and you will be free from the stress that awaits you . 

The 3 C’s in life , CHOICE ,CHANCE  and CHANGE have an important role in letting the best from our life . You must make the CHOICE ,to take the CHANCE , if you want anything in life to CHANGE . The best in life isn’t somewhere close , its right where you are at the moment . All of us have to accept that some things will never be ours and learn to value the things that are only ours . 

You have to look at what you have , not what you miss and have to move forward . To laugh , love genuinely , respect , judge less , win affection , to appreciate beauty around you , to find good in people , to know that at least one life has breathed easier because you have lived . And that is what LIVING is all about .  

                                TILL THEN STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP SMILING

I love you Mom …

When we were all children , what was that word which we all learned to speak first . It was ‘mom’. A person who is with you for all your ups and downs . ❤


At age 6 we all said , ” Mom, i love you ” ………  At 10 it becomes , “Mom ,whatever you say” …… At 16 it goes like , ” Mom , you are annoying” …….. And at 18 you would want to leave your house and by the time you become 25 you would say , “Mom ,you were right” as slowly realization starts hitting you . And at 30 you want to visit your mom , at 50 you don’t want to lose your mom and finally at 70 you would give up anything for your mom to be with you . ❤

Why reach age 70 to know that you want to be with your mom if you could think the same in you teenage . Know that a mother is your first friend , your best friend and your forever friend .

My mother is the best person in the world and the most important person in my life. My mother is a woman like no other . She is unique . She gave me life , nurtured me , taught me , dresses me , fought for me , held me , kissed me , shouted at me , corrected my mistakes , but most importantly she loved me unconditionally. There are not enough words i can use to describe her . She is just indescribable .

Everything i am today is because of my mother . She has given me everything but never asks me to pay her back . I love her for what she is and i am lucky to be her daughter .Of all the gifts GOD has given me , a loving MOTHER is the greatest of them all . I love you ❤

“Our mothers teach us everything except how to live without them” .

                                         TILL THEN STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP SMILING


A Smile loses nothing .

A smile loses nothing but it gains a lot .

If you begin your day with a smile , trust me the day will be a good one for  you . Smile at someone and they will smile back at you . You can brighten the days of people around you and make a difference in their lives ….. simply by smiling . Just imagine a day when you are in not a good mood and then someone comes along with a huge smile and in a really good mood , and when you start talking to the person , you automatically start to smile . That’s the power of smile .

The first impression is the best impression . Smiling when meeting a person for the first time will create a sense of happiness and positivity in them .                              


“The power of a gun can kill , and the power of fire can burn .

 The power of wind can chill , and the power of mind can learn .

The power of anger , can raise inside until it tears you apart .

 But the power of a smile , especially yours can heal a FROZEN HEART “

Life is short , smile while you still have teeth …

                               TILL THEN STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP SMILING

” Are you HAPPY ?”

When i was 5 years old my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life . When i went to school they asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up , i wrote down ‘ happy’ . They told me i didn’t understand the assignment and i told them they didn’t understand life  – JOHN LENNON  “

Let me ask you a simple tiny easy question , ‘ Are you happy ? ‘ happyThe answers range from yes to not bad to even no. But is there any particular reason for not being happy in this world when nature has given plenty of things for being happy and to make big beautiful smiles on our faces .

If one says,  ‘ I’m unhappy ‘ to me then my answer would be “You are unsatisfied with your life ,not unhappy “. So first be satisfied with yourself

But when i ask myself , ‘ Am i happy ?

I may not be perfect . I don’t try to be what i am not and i don’t try to impress anyone. If you don’t like who i am or what i am doing with my life its alright because i am not living for you . I am living for myself and i am happy when i am me . When yesterday i was sad and today i am happy though i still have the problem i had yesterday . I am happy today as i changed the way i looked at the problem . I want to live my life without stress and worries . I don’t need to be rich or famous ( though i am rich in having the best friends in the world ) . All i want is just to be happy and to be happy means being around the people you love .

The best feeling in life is when you are HAPPY because you have made someone else SMILE . You can call me crazy but i love to help someone to see them happy and smiling . It is good to have money and the things that money can buy . But money doesn’t always buy happiness , money buys choices . Its what you do with the choices that makes you happy in life . Money can buy a bed but not sleep , food but not appetite , a house but not a home , medicine but not health , acquaintance but not friends , obedience but not faithfulness moreover amusement but not happiness and so on it goes . 

If you are caught between what you want to do and what others think you should do , always do the things that makes you happy unless you would like to see everybody else happy except you .

                                       TILL THEN STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP SMILING


Why do we dream …!

“All our dreams can come true ,if we have the courage to pursue them “dream

According to Dr Kalam , “Dream is not what you see in sleep . It is the thing which does not let you sleep” . And according to researchers ” A dream is a succession of images , ideas , emotions and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in he mind during certain stages of sleep .

But let’s just move on with a simpler version of dream . In simple words dreams what a person sees or hears in their mind when they are actually sleeping . They are often similar to real life in some ways , but can also be very strange at times even unexplainable .

Now why do we dream ?

Well the fact is nobody really knows the reason why we dream . Yet there are several hypothesis and theories stating that wish fulfillment ,painful memories become the main reasons for a person to dream.

But are the dreams real ?

Studies have made us believe that what we dream are of course real . They have also asked us to note our dreams as much as we remember immediately after we wake up as dreams never lasts long after we are awake . It is said that dreams show parts of our future .

So “follow your dreams , they know the way ” .

                                         TILL THEN STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP SMILING



Dear God ,

It was always a dream of mine to write a letter to God . And since i have got a chance why should i waste it .

As always said ” Time and Tide waits for no man ” ( not even me )download (1)


Do you really exist out there , coz i have heard tons of stories on your existence but trust me i really believe you . If you never really existed would i exist now ( that explains it ) .

But my dear God if you really existed how come there are so many evil around us , is it just to keep the balance straight or is it just to show us all that too much good is never good . 

I used to have a question that i would ask you personally when we meet . ‘ Instead of letting people die and having to make new ones , why don’t you just keep the one’s you have now’ . But i guess i have the answer to that myself . People won’t change . So i will stick with your idea of elimination and addition of lives . 

Life isn’t fair , but it’s still good and the problem is that it’s too short . Really why do you have to make life too short ? But frankly i have never felt as if life isn’t fair to me . I have got the best parents , cousins, coolest teachers and friends . I love you guys . My life is fair and the best one .

I want to take a minute , not to ask for anything from you but simply to say thank you for the  life you have given me . If my destiny is to change the WORLD . God believe me you have given the task in the right hands because if you believe i can change the world . I make sure that I CHANGE THE WORLD .

with love ,

Namitha Mohasin