Hello everyone ……

Now finally i have my own blog .

What do i write or how shall i begin have always been a great struggle since i often get messed up with a lot of ideas

So let me begin…….

I was born on a Friday ,18 years back to be exact . So as of may 7th 2017 i am officially 18 years old…… When i was a teenager , i couldn’t wait to turn 18 . It felt as if it took ages to become 18 , finally to getting ready to take your own decisions and being responsible for yourself and so it goes on . 

Well now let me thank my dear friend who introduced me to the world of blogging ……. The thought behind the idea of creating a blog was to have a place where i could write , and write freely .

So my dear friends welcome to ” IMAGINATION ” ……..Hope you all didn’t get bored with my silly blabbering , because its gonna continue . But i hope that you had a pleasant visit and do visit us often.

                                 TILL THEN STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP SMILING