Why do we dream …!

“All our dreams can come true ,if we have the courage to pursue them “dream

According to Dr Kalam , “Dream is not what you see in sleep . It is the thing which does not let you sleep” . And according to researchers ” A dream is a succession of images , ideas , emotions and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in he mind during certain stages of sleep .

But let’s just move on with a simpler version of dream . In simple words dreams what a person sees or hears in their mind when they are actually sleeping . They are often similar to real life in some ways , but can also be very strange at times even unexplainable .

Now why do we dream ?

Well the fact is nobody really knows the reason why we dream . Yet there are several hypothesis and theories stating that wish fulfillment ,painful memories become the main reasons for a person to dream.

But are the dreams real ?

Studies have made us believe that what we dream are of course real . They have also asked us to note our dreams as much as we remember immediately after we wake up as dreams never lasts long after we are awake . It is said that dreams show parts of our future .

So “follow your dreams , they know the way ” .

                                         TILL THEN STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP SMILING




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