A Lonely Star ……


Looking the sky a day,

I saw her just like me . 

With no one to talk with

and nothing to think of . 

I saw a lonely star

In the vast silence enveloped with darkness of sky,

she twinkled at me tirelessly . 

It occurred to me a day ,

Do we know each other ??

Yet why do feel bonded . 

Once she asked ,” what is happiness ?”

Happiness is her and now with me , I told her.

She opened her book of tales

and told me her lonely world .

Whether she exists or not today , 

she was my best companion . 

Each day I waved her , 

hoping she could see me . 

I sat until dark and slept late , 

for I could see her only at dark . 

Why didn’t I see her in the morning ?

never even bothered me . 

Those times were the jewels of my life .

One fine day, she gleamed more .

Happily we laughed till our stomach’s pained .

For the next day she was gone.

I looked the empty sky with watery eyes ,

knowing I was left alone again .

To the sky I waved my hand ,

and I told her

“Don’t worry your secrets safe with me <3” 




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