I wanna be young again !!!


I want to be young again

 to catch butterflies in the garden ,

to fly the paper plane high ,

to have little fights over pen or dolls ,

lasting only a moment .

to steer my paper boats in water lanes ,

to laugh and shout through the noon streets , 

to fly my kite high in the sky ,

I wanna feel like a kid again .

Wanna ride my tricycle carelessly , 

knowing papa’s there to catch me as I fall .

wanna cry for nothing 

just to lay on my mama’s lap .

wanna spend the day doing nothing ,

knowing neither grief nor worry .

Hoping on building a happy dream world .

as I know , just can’t do it anymore .

When all the small instances excited me ,

eating tiffin boxes together ,

getting new friends ,

laughing at silly jokes ,

I just wanna live life again ,

to get to those childhood innocence back again ,

to feel happy being a carefree naughty child .

Memories just can’t be taken from me .

Wish I could go back the steps I have climbed

Oh childhood , can you come just once again !





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