Grandpaa <3

Old is gold so are our grandparents . They have an intimate connection with us , which no one can understand . No one in the world not even our parents could do what our grandparents do for us .

I still remember the weekends I used to spend with my grandfather , sitting in his lap , watching wrestling matches together just to get chances to change the channel to cartoon , working out Sudoku puzzles which i still can’t do without his help .

I like walking with grandpa , his steps are short like mine . He doesn’t say “Now hurry up” . He always takes his time . It’s said that a grandad holds his grandchild’s hand for a while and their heart for a lifetime . 

He had actually become a pat of my life . He woke me up and would get me ready to school . We would eat together so that I would get his share of the day’s special . He used to lecture me always on the importance of mathematics in life as it was his favourite subject  which i think was the reason for his interest in Sudoku puzzles . I miss those times when we worked out the difficult problems from my textbook and the walks to fields that we took everyday . We used to fight on petty things , but always he would leave me to win at the end .

Life doesn’t always give you people you want and sometimes it takes away the people you need the most . Although he is no more with us , his memories keep him alive . He left a deep impression on me . He was my role model . He is still my inspiration , guide and the man of my dreams . 

I miss my grandad  ❤ .



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