Did I Change ???

changeWhy do you think people change in life ?

Honestly I don’t know how to answer it but I have been in search for the answer for quite a long time . Hoping I will get it sooner or later .

Life doesn’t change but people do . One of the saddest things to see is that certain people are not who they were , the people you once considered best friends are now best strangers . 

Sometimes I distance myself from people wanting to know that if they care for me they’ll somehow notice me and if they don’t then I know where I stand . And it was surprising to see that when I changed my life , life too changed me in return . Those old habits I used to have with me washed off in the process of evolving to the new me .

I am more hopeful ,  confident , cheerful , determined , flexible and more peaceful at the moment . I don’t know whether I would be changing again . I find that I approach things in a rather different way than I used to and has started to design a new plan for my future which too I changed .

Life started to be my teacher and taught me that slow and determined steps will ripe me good results and that before you know it , your life will have changed . I see I am committed to become a better person today than I was yesterday ……with better thoughts, better decisions , better actions

“Yesterday I was clever , so I wanted to change the world . Today I am wise  , so I am changing myself .” 

If others have changed , I too have to change, right ? And honestly I have changed more than I thought I would . And I would like to continue being ” THE CHANGED ME “.