From Heaven I Speak.ūüėä

See, this is what I got .

I didn’t deserve this.

You have seen what I’ve done.

Yet you all were silent back then .

Stop what you are doing ??

It’s of no use to me now .

Is there a need to lament now ?

Stop mumbling over my body ,

You never admired me.

But be gentle with my coffin .

For I wish to lay in peace .

Do tell others out there ,

I did my best .

All my hopes and dreams ,

Within my reach .

Yet nothing’s with me now .

Not that I would’ve achieved,

It’s that I sacrificed.

I left scars on me , so

One day someone could hope better.

My soul has reached heaven ,

But I long to be here.

For beyond I want to see ,

The children of tomorrow germinate.





I hear my uncle , Mr. Rooster with his usual crowing in the next room . And here comes my master to let him out and feed all of us . He starts from a side , opening all the doors except ours . We are always locked up and I wondered why ? Apart from the thing that we are small , aren’t we all chickens ?? Can’t we see what’s outside ??

It’s December and foggy and I’m so cold . Most probably will freeze to death if I don’t warm myself soon . Looking around I see a small fire and I wished I was there . I have seen master’s daughter warming herself near those fires on cold days . And suddenly there came an urge in me to go out to the world forbidden for us . I have tried all means of escape but had failed multiple times , but this time I would make sure that I get out of this net-fitted large prison like cages . it was time I got out of here to see the world waiting out there .

Just as master opened our cage , I jumped with all my strength . I saw my death before me as I was sure I won’t survive a fall from that high . Remembering all those lessons mum had taught us, I crash landed safely at last . I saw many of my elder brothers and sisters pecking something from the ground where I stood . Wondered what they were doing , for I have only seen food being fed in red and white huge containers . It may be from the fall that I found it a bit difficult for me to walk . Soon I was alright and decided to explore the new world .¬†

I really liked the world I was in . I could go wherever I wished to go , could eat whatever I want , whenever I want , I was free at last . I roamed around the place all day. I was so tired ,and it was getting dark and I remembered mum has always told us to get back to our cages before night falls. Unknowingly I got into a cage of elders to see their baffled faces aiming me . 

One of them said, ” Who are you kid ? You don’t belong here. How come you are alone at this age” ?

As I have seen these elders before while looking out of my cage , I replied ,” I have seen you before . You live with uncle Rooster right “? And in unison they sang ,” yes we do kid”.

I continued,” I live in the cage just above you ,that’s how I know each of you . I¬†outsmarted master today and now I am here”.

“AAHA . That was indeed a courageous thing to do . But see kid , here in the farm , freedom is limited to us”. This time it was a beautiful mother hen who spoke.

“NO . I saw what’s freedom today .Humans are good . In fact master and his family had been good to me today. They threw me grains whenever they saw me. I really liked it and it will be the same tomorrow also”. I protested .

“No it won’t be that way kid . Wait until the humans including our Master take off their masks . They are not like what we think of them . We are just toys they play with to get some money . That’s the way it is”, she said .

Before I could say anything I saw them cackling as if some danger was on the way , I saw fingers wrapping around me and found myself moving involuntarily from the cage . Soon I saw it was my Master holding me and put me back to my old cage . And he said ,”That’s where you belong , lil chick . Enjoyed your day ??”. With that he went away leaving me with my silly siblings who were waiting to hear my day’s tale. And that’s how a little chick was back in his cage with a story and soon he started narrating with a bit of exaggeration .( Exaggeration’s never a crime )