From Heaven I Speak.😊

See, this is what I got .

I didn’t deserve this.

You have seen what I’ve done.

Yet you all were silent back then .

Stop what you are doing ??

It’s of no use to me now .

Is there a need to lament now ?

Stop mumbling over my body ,

You never admired me.

But be gentle with my coffin .

For I wish to lay in peace .

Do tell others out there ,

I did my best .

All my hopes and dreams ,

Within my reach .

Yet nothing’s with me now .

Not that I would’ve achieved,

It’s that I sacrificed.

I left scars on me , so

One day someone could hope better.

My soul has reached heaven ,

But I long to be here.

For beyond I want to see ,

The children of tomorrow germinate.




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