Its all Imagination 😊


I see trees afar,

In a far distant land .

Unnamed , unexplored .

Far from where I lay inert ,

In eager waiting for my arrival.

Imagination worked well this time,

As now I wanted there myself.

Apart from the so-called world ,

In which I may not fit .

Hiding from these pretence mortals,

To whom I don’t even exist.

We have acquainted for a while now,

You delicately healing my invisible wounds.

Suddenly all these voices sermoned,

And I’m being dragged back .

There isn’t a path to take ,

To take me back to my world.

And hell I’m nowhere now .




From Heaven I Speak.😊

See, this is what I got .

I didn’t deserve this.

You have seen what I’ve done.

Yet you all were silent back then .

Stop what you are doing ??

It’s of no use to me now .

Is there a need to lament now ?

Stop mumbling over my body ,

You never admired me.

But be gentle with my coffin .

For I wish to lay in peace .

Do tell others out there ,

I did my best .

All my hopes and dreams ,

Within my reach .

Yet nothing’s with me now .

Not that I would’ve achieved,

It’s that I sacrificed.

I left scars on me , so

One day someone could hope better.

My soul has reached heaven ,

But I long to be here.

For beyond I want to see ,

The children of tomorrow germinate.




I hear my uncle , Mr. Rooster with his usual crowing in the next room . And here comes my master to let him out and feed all of us . He starts from a side , opening all the doors except ours . We are always locked up and I wondered why ? Apart from the thing that we are small , aren’t we all chickens ?? Can’t we see what’s outside ??

It’s December and foggy and I’m so cold . Most probably will freeze to death if I don’t warm myself soon . Looking around I see a small fire and I wished I was there . I have seen master’s daughter warming herself near those fires on cold days . And suddenly there came an urge in me to go out to the world forbidden for us . I have tried all means of escape but had failed multiple times , but this time I would make sure that I get out of this net-fitted large prison like cages . it was time I got out of here to see the world waiting out there .

Just as master opened our cage , I jumped with all my strength . I saw my death before me as I was sure I won’t survive a fall from that high . Remembering all those lessons mum had taught us, I crash landed safely at last . I saw many of my elder brothers and sisters pecking something from the ground where I stood . Wondered what they were doing , for I have only seen food being fed in red and white huge containers . It may be from the fall that I found it a bit difficult for me to walk . Soon I was alright and decided to explore the new world . 

I really liked the world I was in . I could go wherever I wished to go , could eat whatever I want , whenever I want , I was free at last . I roamed around the place all day. I was so tired ,and it was getting dark and I remembered mum has always told us to get back to our cages before night falls. Unknowingly I got into a cage of elders to see their baffled faces aiming me . 

One of them said, ” Who are you kid ? You don’t belong here. How come you are alone at this age” ?

As I have seen these elders before while looking out of my cage , I replied ,” I have seen you before . You live with uncle Rooster right “? And in unison they sang ,” yes we do kid”.

I continued,” I live in the cage just above you ,that’s how I know each of you . I outsmarted master today and now I am here”.

“AAHA . That was indeed a courageous thing to do . But see kid , here in the farm , freedom is limited to us”. This time it was a beautiful mother hen who spoke.

“NO . I saw what’s freedom today .Humans are good . In fact master and his family had been good to me today. They threw me grains whenever they saw me. I really liked it and it will be the same tomorrow also”. I protested .

“No it won’t be that way kid . Wait until the humans including our Master take off their masks . They are not like what we think of them . We are just toys they play with to get some money . That’s the way it is”, she said .

Before I could say anything I saw them cackling as if some danger was on the way , I saw fingers wrapping around me and found myself moving involuntarily from the cage . Soon I saw it was my Master holding me and put me back to my old cage . And he said ,”That’s where you belong , lil chick . Enjoyed your day ??”. With that he went away leaving me with my silly siblings who were waiting to hear my day’s tale. And that’s how a little chick was back in his cage with a story and soon he started narrating with a bit of exaggeration .( Exaggeration’s never a crime )


Tribute to a soldier 💂

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Unaware of the day that might be his last,

There sits a soldier on the verge of his death .

He has everyone , yet he is not with everyone.

No one’s to give him value,

Nor anyone to grieve on his death.

From the rich to the poor ,

From the young to the old .

All those who believe in God say 

” God gave us life “

But why not regarding our poor soldiers.

They too are ordinary people ,

People born with objectives 

And sacrificing themselves to fulfill it.

He marches through the hot sands ,

His eyes alert and guns ready .

Each step that he takes ,

He thinks of his loved ones he left far away ,

Thinks of mom and dad and his beloved.

He keeps up the pace , unable to hide his tears .

The smile on his lips are forced and compelled .

Don’t think him a lesser man .

For as a boy who became a soldier ,

The fields were real death .

Forced to kill those ugly men ,

Losing the souls to the guns .

For once he saw bullets aiming him .

He knelt with tearful eyes ,

Not realising how long this moment lasts .

He closed his eyes thinking his loved ones .

With one last salute as a soldier ,

Flew to heaven for a peaceful sleep .


Someone I wish to meet 😉

You were a friend ,
I never thought I would meet.
And yet , behind a stranger’s face
You welcomed me to your world,
A world of unexpected friendship.
An urge in me sometimes wants to talk to you .
And then I think ,
Are you just a friend ?
Or more than a friend ?
And you place yourself between ,
Where the weigh can’t itself balance.
Of all the promises that we have made ,
Just small ones to gift chocolates each other .
God knows how many we’ll keep 😜
All those times u made me smile, even laugh .
I asked myself , Do I deserve this ?
All these things and here’s the craziest part .
We have never met in person 😂


Back to those times ❤


As another academic year passes by ,my mind flies back to a time when I too was a student having my last days of schooling , collecting moments to be treasured . Those last days , records submitting , projects , combine studies , exams and not to forget our farewell ❤ that gave us such beautiful memories 😍
Thanks to all those crazy people who have gifted me a lot to memorize 😘
It’s hard to even think that a year has gone since I have completed my schooling .
It’s funny yet sad to see time flying so fast . There were times when we wished just to finish our schools to get into colleges, now all we wish is to turn the clock back to the time when we were all sitting in classes enjoying our school days …
With some photographs as hands of clock let us reverse our mind to picture ourselves enjoying those moments again 😉❤

Bestie ….


It’s funny to see ,

You’re my best friend . 

I’ve known you for ages .

Some days no calls or messages , 

But still I see ,

You care for me .

Those irritable words ,

Those sweet names .

And how I hate some days ,

A friend that’s always there .

You are mine , I’m thine .

And I’m not gonna trade you for someone .

Two as one , one to define .

And that’s us ,







With whom did I speak ?

I never knew .

With whom did I share ?

I don’t even remember .

In this world of illusions ,

I a wanderer ,

Looked out for someone to be mine .

To care , to share .

To talk , to laugh.


With whom can I dream ?

Have I ever dreamed .

With whom can I be in love ?

Never been in love before .

Indeed a tough time ,

To have someone .

Times changed , people changed .

Life changed , priorities changed .

Yet I’m still me .


With whom do I live ?

Nobody answered me .

With whom do I grow old ?

It was silence who answered me now .

I don’t need answers ,

But for one I wait .

Here I ask to those ,

With no commitments .






Who am I …

I myself is the reason for who I am today … I won’t say that I wasn’t inspired by anyone ……of course there are a lot of inspirational characters in my life including my parents ….. But what changed me are my thoughts and decisions …. I was introduced to the world of forgiving by my father and my mother taught me to behave with everyone and they are my best teachers …. We all should realize that what we are outside of our body is based on what we think inside our minds ….

We are the key to unlock ourselves …



Silence ….


A quiet room ,

A large window .

Sun rays touched me ,

Through those glass panes .

I sat there looking out .

Why was the world so silent ???

Had I done any wrong .

I so need to talk ,

Talk out my feelings .

And yet I am all alone ,

In this quite room .

But I talked and talked ,

For I got someone ,

Someone to hear me out .

I talked to it ,

It stayed quite .

I asked what its name was .

It murmured .

Silence…. Silence…. Silence