Grandpaa <3

Old is gold so are our grandparents . They have an intimate connection with us , which no one can understand . No one in the world not even our parents could do what our grandparents do for us .

I still remember the weekends I used to spend with my grandfather , sitting in his lap , watching wrestling matches together just to get chances to change the channel to cartoon , working out Sudoku puzzles which i still can’t do without his help .

I like walking with grandpa , his steps are short like mine . He doesn’t say “Now hurry up” . He always takes his time . It’s said that a grandad holds his grandchild’s hand for a while and their heart for a lifetime . 

He had actually become a pat of my life . He woke me up and would get me ready to school . We would eat together so that I would get his share of the day’s special . He used to lecture me always on the importance of mathematics in life as it was his favourite subject  which i think was the reason for his interest in Sudoku puzzles . I miss those times when we worked out the difficult problems from my textbook and the walks to fields that we took everyday . We used to fight on petty things , but always he would leave me to win at the end .

Life doesn’t always give you people you want and sometimes it takes away the people you need the most . Although he is no more with us , his memories keep him alive . He left a deep impression on me . He was my role model . He is still my inspiration , guide and the man of my dreams . 

I miss my grandad  ❤ .



I wanna be young again !!!


I want to be young again

 to catch butterflies in the garden ,

to fly the paper plane high ,

to have little fights over pen or dolls ,

lasting only a moment .

to steer my paper boats in water lanes ,

to laugh and shout through the noon streets , 

to fly my kite high in the sky ,

I wanna feel like a kid again .

Wanna ride my tricycle carelessly , 

knowing papa’s there to catch me as I fall .

wanna cry for nothing 

just to lay on my mama’s lap .

wanna spend the day doing nothing ,

knowing neither grief nor worry .

Hoping on building a happy dream world .

as I know , just can’t do it anymore .

When all the small instances excited me ,

eating tiffin boxes together ,

getting new friends ,

laughing at silly jokes ,

I just wanna live life again ,

to get to those childhood innocence back again ,

to feel happy being a carefree naughty child .

Memories just can’t be taken from me .

Wish I could go back the steps I have climbed

Oh childhood , can you come just once again !




A Lonely Star ……


Looking the sky a day,

I saw her just like me . 

With no one to talk with

and nothing to think of . 

I saw a lonely star

In the vast silence enveloped with darkness of sky,

she twinkled at me tirelessly . 

It occurred to me a day ,

Do we know each other ??

Yet why do feel bonded . 

Once she asked ,” what is happiness ?”

Happiness is her and now with me , I told her.

She opened her book of tales

and told me her lonely world .

Whether she exists or not today , 

she was my best companion . 

Each day I waved her , 

hoping she could see me . 

I sat until dark and slept late , 

for I could see her only at dark . 

Why didn’t I see her in the morning ?

never even bothered me . 

Those times were the jewels of my life .

One fine day, she gleamed more .

Happily we laughed till our stomach’s pained .

For the next day she was gone.

I looked the empty sky with watery eyes ,

knowing I was left alone again .

To the sky I waved my hand ,

and I told her

“Don’t worry your secrets safe with me <3” 



“Life doesn’t always give you a second chance “


I’d rather look back at my life and say ” I can’t believe i did that ” instead of saying “I wish i did that “.

Rewinding time is not possible, sometimes we do get another chance to do something right the second time , that we got wrong in the first place. You have to take every chance in life , because somethings only happen once . The 3 things you can’t recover in not only your , but everyone’s life are , the WORD after its said , the MOMENT after its missed and the TIME after its gone.

Life is about trusting yourself and taking chances , losing and finding happiness, learning from experiences , appreciating memories and realising that every step is worth your while . All you have to do is give yourself a fair chance .

Life is too short to wait . Every new day is another chance to change our life . All great accomplishments starts with the decision to try and to give yourself a fair chance . But there are chances worth taking in our life, which are regretted after taking them . We all have everything we need within us to become the best possible version of ourselves . What’s important is that you got to believe that you can. Believe that you are young enough , old enough , smart enough and strong enough to achieve your goals . 

If you want to live a happy ,fulfilling life tie yourself to goals and not to people and things . Because they never fulfill your dreams . Similarly never put off something that is important to you hoping you still have a tomorrow to start ,you may not have a tomorrow at all . Life is shorter sometimes than it seems to be . Start every day with one little goal and end the day with one little work done . 

Our greatest task isn’t to find love , but to discover ad eliminate all the barriers within ourselves . Peace is not the absence of trouble but the presence of love . And when you find that good exists in others , you can see that love exists within you . Don’t let one bad moment ruin your day . Think of it as a bad minute, not a bad day and you will be free from the stress that awaits you . 

The 3 C’s in life , CHOICE ,CHANCE  and CHANGE have an important role in letting the best from our life . You must make the CHOICE ,to take the CHANCE , if you want anything in life to CHANGE . The best in life isn’t somewhere close , its right where you are at the moment . All of us have to accept that some things will never be ours and learn to value the things that are only ours . 

You have to look at what you have , not what you miss and have to move forward . To laugh , love genuinely , respect , judge less , win affection , to appreciate beauty around you , to find good in people , to know that at least one life has breathed easier because you have lived . And that is what LIVING is all about .  

                                TILL THEN STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP SMILING

I love you Mom …

When we were all children , what was that word which we all learned to speak first . It was ‘mom’. A person who is with you for all your ups and downs . ❤


At age 6 we all said , ” Mom, i love you ” ………  At 10 it becomes , “Mom ,whatever you say” …… At 16 it goes like , ” Mom , you are annoying” …….. And at 18 you would want to leave your house and by the time you become 25 you would say , “Mom ,you were right” as slowly realization starts hitting you . And at 30 you want to visit your mom , at 50 you don’t want to lose your mom and finally at 70 you would give up anything for your mom to be with you . ❤

Why reach age 70 to know that you want to be with your mom if you could think the same in you teenage . Know that a mother is your first friend , your best friend and your forever friend .

My mother is the best person in the world and the most important person in my life. My mother is a woman like no other . She is unique . She gave me life , nurtured me , taught me , dresses me , fought for me , held me , kissed me , shouted at me , corrected my mistakes , but most importantly she loved me unconditionally. There are not enough words i can use to describe her . She is just indescribable .

Everything i am today is because of my mother . She has given me everything but never asks me to pay her back . I love her for what she is and i am lucky to be her daughter .Of all the gifts GOD has given me , a loving MOTHER is the greatest of them all . I love you ❤

“Our mothers teach us everything except how to live without them” .

                                         TILL THEN STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP SMILING


A Smile loses nothing .

A smile loses nothing but it gains a lot .

If you begin your day with a smile , trust me the day will be a good one for  you . Smile at someone and they will smile back at you . You can brighten the days of people around you and make a difference in their lives ….. simply by smiling . Just imagine a day when you are in not a good mood and then someone comes along with a huge smile and in a really good mood , and when you start talking to the person , you automatically start to smile . That’s the power of smile .

The first impression is the best impression . Smiling when meeting a person for the first time will create a sense of happiness and positivity in them .                              


“The power of a gun can kill , and the power of fire can burn .

 The power of wind can chill , and the power of mind can learn .

The power of anger , can raise inside until it tears you apart .

 But the power of a smile , especially yours can heal a FROZEN HEART “

Life is short , smile while you still have teeth …

                               TILL THEN STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP SMILING

” Are you HAPPY ?”

When i was 5 years old my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life . When i went to school they asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up , i wrote down ‘ happy’ . They told me i didn’t understand the assignment and i told them they didn’t understand life  – JOHN LENNON  “

Let me ask you a simple tiny easy question , ‘ Are you happy ? ‘ happyThe answers range from yes to not bad to even no. But is there any particular reason for not being happy in this world when nature has given plenty of things for being happy and to make big beautiful smiles on our faces .

If one says,  ‘ I’m unhappy ‘ to me then my answer would be “You are unsatisfied with your life ,not unhappy “. So first be satisfied with yourself

But when i ask myself , ‘ Am i happy ?

I may not be perfect . I don’t try to be what i am not and i don’t try to impress anyone. If you don’t like who i am or what i am doing with my life its alright because i am not living for you . I am living for myself and i am happy when i am me . When yesterday i was sad and today i am happy though i still have the problem i had yesterday . I am happy today as i changed the way i looked at the problem . I want to live my life without stress and worries . I don’t need to be rich or famous ( though i am rich in having the best friends in the world ) . All i want is just to be happy and to be happy means being around the people you love .

The best feeling in life is when you are HAPPY because you have made someone else SMILE . You can call me crazy but i love to help someone to see them happy and smiling . It is good to have money and the things that money can buy . But money doesn’t always buy happiness , money buys choices . Its what you do with the choices that makes you happy in life . Money can buy a bed but not sleep , food but not appetite , a house but not a home , medicine but not health , acquaintance but not friends , obedience but not faithfulness moreover amusement but not happiness and so on it goes . 

If you are caught between what you want to do and what others think you should do , always do the things that makes you happy unless you would like to see everybody else happy except you .

                                       TILL THEN STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP SMILING


Why do we dream …!

“All our dreams can come true ,if we have the courage to pursue them “dream

According to Dr Kalam , “Dream is not what you see in sleep . It is the thing which does not let you sleep” . And according to researchers ” A dream is a succession of images , ideas , emotions and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in he mind during certain stages of sleep .

But let’s just move on with a simpler version of dream . In simple words dreams what a person sees or hears in their mind when they are actually sleeping . They are often similar to real life in some ways , but can also be very strange at times even unexplainable .

Now why do we dream ?

Well the fact is nobody really knows the reason why we dream . Yet there are several hypothesis and theories stating that wish fulfillment ,painful memories become the main reasons for a person to dream.

But are the dreams real ?

Studies have made us believe that what we dream are of course real . They have also asked us to note our dreams as much as we remember immediately after we wake up as dreams never lasts long after we are awake . It is said that dreams show parts of our future .

So “follow your dreams , they know the way ” .

                                         TILL THEN STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP SMILING



Dear God ,

It was always a dream of mine to write a letter to God . And since i have got a chance why should i waste it .

As always said ” Time and Tide waits for no man ” ( not even me )download (1)


Do you really exist out there , coz i have heard tons of stories on your existence but trust me i really believe you . If you never really existed would i exist now ( that explains it ) .

But my dear God if you really existed how come there are so many evil around us , is it just to keep the balance straight or is it just to show us all that too much good is never good . 

I used to have a question that i would ask you personally when we meet . ‘ Instead of letting people die and having to make new ones , why don’t you just keep the one’s you have now’ . But i guess i have the answer to that myself . People won’t change . So i will stick with your idea of elimination and addition of lives . 

Life isn’t fair , but it’s still good and the problem is that it’s too short . Really why do you have to make life too short ? But frankly i have never felt as if life isn’t fair to me . I have got the best parents , cousins, coolest teachers and friends . I love you guys . My life is fair and the best one .

I want to take a minute , not to ask for anything from you but simply to say thank you for the  life you have given me . If my destiny is to change the WORLD . God believe me you have given the task in the right hands because if you believe i can change the world . I make sure that I CHANGE THE WORLD .

with love ,

Namitha Mohasin


Hello everyone ……

Now finally i have my own blog .

What do i write or how shall i begin have always been a great struggle since i often get messed up with a lot of ideas

So let me begin…….

I was born on a Friday ,18 years back to be exact . So as of may 7th 2017 i am officially 18 years old…… When i was a teenager , i couldn’t wait to turn 18 . It felt as if it took ages to become 18 , finally to getting ready to take your own decisions and being responsible for yourself and so it goes on . 

Well now let me thank my dear friend who introduced me to the world of blogging ……. The thought behind the idea of creating a blog was to have a place where i could write , and write freely .

So my dear friends welcome to ” IMAGINATION ” ……..Hope you all didn’t get bored with my silly blabbering , because its gonna continue . But i hope that you had a pleasant visit and do visit us often.

                                 TILL THEN STAY POSITIVE AND KEEP SMILING